Resco: for optimal condition and fertility

Resco is based in Belgium, near Brussels, the heart of Europe.

Our products are being distributed by a network of importers in many countries, within Europe and overseas.

  • Resco is specialized in products for animal production.
  • From additives to feed specialties like boluses for cattle.
  • From animal care to hygiene and desinfection.
  • For cattle, for pigs and for poultry.

Resco is a guarantee for high quality products, extensively prooved, widely appreciated.  Our dealers can be sure of an excellent support and training thanks to many years of experience and a solid scientific know how.

Resco strive for innovation and regularly launch new ideas and new products on the market. These new developments are made possible thanks to a close collaboration with partner companies, universities and institutes.

Resco is known for its cattle bolus technology. Our bolus range includes slow release boluses with well known brand names like High Trace, Dry Plus and Junior. One such bolus supplies the necessary trace minerals to the animal for a period of 6 months. So thanks to the Resco-technology the farmer can do with only two boluses for a whole year. No other bolus in the world can do this.

Our Magnitop bolus is also a slow release bolus releasing Magnesium during 1 month. This bolus helps to prevent grass tetany caused by a shortage of Magnesium in young grass at spring.

Resco also produce flash boluses for immediate release. An exemple is our Calcitop provides the cow with extra calcium around calving and thus helps to prevent milk fever.

Specific problems ask for specific solutions. Therefore Resco continuously develop new products. On of our latest developments is Orca, a new hygiene powder that was created to overcome problems with existing products of this type. Orca absorbs more water, stays fluid without becoming hard or forming lumps, has a pleasant smell, does not contain phosphates and gives good results in improving the health status of the farm. Orca is used for all animal housing, including pigs, poultry and cattle.

Resco’s R&D ensures that new products will come out on a regular basis, providing our distributors with first class products.


Innovative, professional, quality, partnership that is what Resco stand for.


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