Makes calves drink when suffering from diarrhea

Bolus diarrhea calf calves Resco Sodium Bicarbonate
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Bicatop is specially designed for calves suffering from diarrhea. In this case it is important for calves to keep hydrated. In case of diarrhea they lose a lot of liquids, which causes them to dehydrate and acidify. Because of the acidifaction calves drink even less and get weaker.

Bicatop makes calves with diarrhea drink more. This bolus contains Sodium Bicarbonate. This buffer neutralises the acids in stomach and blood.The calves feel better and drink more. Therefore they recover quicker.

The solution is Bicatop Bolus:

  • Instant release of Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Dosage
    • 1 bolus at the first signs of diarrhea
    • Repeat after each of the next 3 meals
  • Packaging
    • 20 Bicatop boluses of 15 grams