Prevents Milk Fever

Calcium bolus against milk fever cattle Fiebre de leche bolo calcio vacas
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Calcium deficiency after calving can lead to milk fever. Especially from the second calving and later cows are sensitive to it. A big part of the cows suffer from calcium deficiency without getting sick from it (subclinical milk fever). Due to the deficiency of calcium in the blood the cow will have a lower feed intake and milk production. The cow is also more sensitive to other diseases. That is why it is advised to give extra calcium as a prevention to the cow from the second calving. In case of acute milk fever the cow goes down. Do not give any boluses to cows laying down. In that case a calcium infusion may help to get the cow back on her feet. Once back on her feet the calcium level in the blood of the cow will remain low and needs to be further increased by administering extra calcium through Calcitop boluses.

Calcitop Bolus


  • Instant release of Calcium
  • Each bolus contains 20 grams of Calcium
  • Contains vitamine D for an even better Calcium absorption
  • Contains also 4,9% Phosphorus


            2 Calcitop Boluses 12 to 24 hours before calving
            2 Calcitop Boluses immediately after calving
            1-2 Calcitop Boluses 10 - 12 hours after calving
            1-2 Calcitop Boluses 24 hours after calving

Dosage after Calcium infusion

             2 Calcitop Boluses 2 hours after the infusion
             2 Calcitop Boluses again 12 hours after the infusion


12 boluses of 85 grams