Increase your chances for insemination

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 Not every insemination is a succes. With the Fertitop you increase your chances of succes. It is designed to prepare the cow for oestrus and reproduction. The ingredients of the bolus are wisely chosen and based on decades of research.


The solution is Fertitop Bolus:


  • Trace minerals (partly as chelates)

  • Vitamins

  • Beta-carotene

  • From 250 kg

  • Optimal fertillity

  • Slow release during 8 days

  • Extra high in Selenium


  • Dosage dairy cows :

1 Fertitop bolus 10 days before insemination

  • Dosage Suckler cows :

1 Fertitop bolus 10 days before  reproduction

  • Packaging : 12 boluses of 100 grams

Dosage high productive cattle and problem cases :

Suply on top of the Fertitop 

1 High Trace bolus at start dry period +
1 Drytop, repeat 1 High Trace after 6 months