Prevention against Milk fever and Downer syndrome

Bolo Fosfotop contra fiebre de leche
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Around calving there is often a mineral imbalance; shortage of calcium (Milk fever) is the most known. In addition we often see a shortage of Phosphorus.This may lead to the Downer syndrome.This means that the cow wont be able to stand up anymore. Different to milk fever the temperature, heartbeat and breathing remain stable.

The solution is Fosfotop Bolus:


  • Instant release of phosphorus
  • Each bolus contains 15 grams Phosphorus and 16 grams Calcium.
  • Dosage :

2 Fosfotop boluses 12 to 24 hour before calving

2 Fosfotop boluses immediately after calving

  • Dosage after Calcium infusion:

2 Fosfotop boluses 2 hours after the infusion.

2 Fosfotop boluses again 12 hours after the infusion

  • Packaging

12 boluses of 90 grams


43% combines Calcium and Phosphorus deficit
15% has phosphorus deficit
18% has Calcium and Phosphorus at normal level
12% has Magnesium deficit
12% has Calcium deficit